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The DNA sequence editor for OS X
To cut, or not to cut.
The award winning EnzymeX app helps molecular biologists to visualize and edit their DNA sequence files. Everything you need in one intuitive and beautiful app.
  Apple Design Award 2006
v 3.3.3
OS X 10.7 and above
EnzymeX is by far my favorite DNA sequence editor, and is invaluable to me in my cloning work.
A. Paul

Enzymes, lots of them

At the core of EnzymeX is an exhaustive database with detailed information on almost 700 commercially available restriction enzymes. Which sequence they cut and where is immediately obvious, but EnzymeX goes way beyond the basics. It shows how well a given enzyme cuts in buffers from 15 different manufacturers, which enzymes could act as alternatives or produce compatible ends, and at what temperature it should be used, whether it shows sensitivity to methylation, exhibits star activity, and much more.

DNA editing in the 21st century

EnzymeX also brings a fully featured DNA sequence editor to the table. Its design-award-winning user interface makes it a real Mac app, intuitive to use yet powerful. Finally a sequence editor that does not look like it is coming straight from the 80’s! By taking advantage of the enzyme database, it helps you instantly locate and navigate all possible restriction sites, create a restriction map with a single click, find DNA or protein motifs from a built-in catalog of 1000+ motifs, and observe the effect a mutation, insertion, or deletion has on the protein level in real-time. Designing your constructs and analyzing your sequences was never so easy!

In silico experiments

EnzyemX makes it incredibly easy to design your experiments. Trying out different combination of enzymes is as easy as double-clicking them in the list. They are added to your virtual experiment and you instantly get a detailed overview of the fragments you can expect. Clicking any of the fragments selects it in the sequence viewer, allowing you to copy its sequence and continue to build your constructs in silico. The only thing EnzymeX cannot yet do is perform the experiment for you. We are afraid you will still have to go to the lab...

To cut or not to cut

Once the time comes to perform your experiments, you have all the tools and information available to ensure they cannot go wrong. With the powerful double-digests tool, choosing the correct buffer for two enzyme reactions becomes a matter of seconds. No more endless and painstaking browsing of enzyme catalogs and comparing completely different buffer systems. And with the reaction mixer, setting up your reaction mixes becomes equally fast. These are just two of the tools built into the app. It has many more, as well as a complete set of reference materials that will come in handy. After having used EnzymeX for the first time, you will wonder how you have ever been able to do your lab work without it!
Enzyme Compendium


Detailed information for almost 700 restriction enzymes.


Enzyme efficiency information for buffers from 15 manufacturers.


Easily discover isoschizomers and compatible ends.


Verify sensitivity to methylation or star activity.


Create and share sets of available enzymes with your colleagues.

DNA Editor

Import deluxe

Support for common file formats or direct import from NCBI Entrez.

DNA editing

Finally a powerful DNA sequence editor that looks good.

Digest and Translate

Perform virtual digestions and on-the-fly translation to protein.

Sequence Maps

Easily interpret and navigate your sequence using an interactive map.

Find motifs

Search for 1000+ predefined motifs, or add your own.

Molecular Toolbox

Double Digest

Simply and reliably determine which buffer to use for a double digestion.


No more headaches thanks to the built-in molecular biology calculator.


Quickly determine how to prepare your reaction mixes.

Reference guides

Easyil access essential guides and information built-in.


Extend and add functionality through plugins.

EnzymeX is the DNA editor of choice for researchers worldwide, including: